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About me
Get a learning strategy that will set your business on course to exceed your goals.

I’m Raymond Kung - my passion is to help companies and individuals working in the tech industry and education achieve their goals.

Whether you dream about launching a successful tech-learning program, or you need a guide to train your employees, I am here to assist with each step of the process.

I also provide individual business coaching so you can develop the skills needed to achieve the career of your dreams.

When you partner with me, the first thing you’ll discover is that I am a relationship-based consultant in my business dealings. I feel it’s important to get to know your business and working style!

Ultimately, it's my goal to help propel you forward.

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Consulting services
We work collaboratively with our clients to uncover the most effective and efficient way to achieve their needs.

I use a strategic approach to develop a plan for you and your company. I ensure that the plan we create is structured in a managable and easy to understand process, so you feel confident and prepared for the next step.

In addition, I also use creative methods to get to the desired result. In other words, I think outside the box. This approach of blending strategy with creativity has brought many successes along the way.

When we work together, I will work closely with you to diagnose your company’s unique situation. Together, we’ll identify any potential learning or training gaps in the business and correct them. Then we'll create a plan that addresses the needs of your business or career goals.

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Tech Learning Consultant and Coach

Let's help you take the lead in your industry.

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    Tech Learning Consulting

    When you partner with Raymond Kung, you'll learn how to empower your teams to teach customers how to use your products and services.

    Armed with that knowledge, your customers can use your products and services at their fullest potential. As a result, your satisfied customers will become brand advocates.

    Your employees, too, will develop their skills, allowing them to rise to new and even more productive roles in your company.

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    Tech Learning Coach

    Your business will sail to new heights with a professional business coach by your side. Raymond will coach you on an individual basis to help you define your career path.

    Find clarity on your career goals and discover what you need to do to achieve those goals. Through the coaching sessions with Raymond, you’ll find your purpose and create a plan to accomplish your goals.

    If you have any learning gaps or skill sets that you need to refine, Raymond will help you discover them, conquer them, and rise to even greater heights.

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